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CTN1 is proud to work in partnership with Télécity France on the implementation and maintenance of its depriving cold site.
Télécity is the leading neutral European hosting company thanks to its wide operator network. Télécity offers depriving and mutual hosting, system engineering and various value-added services to the companies using the Internet, telecommunications and other lines of business.

Télécity sites offer a secured environment which is also adapted to our needs. Thus, CTN 1 can entirely dedicate itself to its top activity and make a choice over 10 operators. Télécity France is currently hosting many Internet supply terminals in order to allow its customers to take advantage of the best peering agreements in Europe.

At present, CTN1 is booking place in a DP room dedicated to server rental, as well as to situate a NOC at the very inside of the neutral data center which has a 2000 m ˛ cold site. The data center is situated in the Paris area, at Aubervilliers - France.

This building is designed according to high security standards, at all levels - access, electricity, network, air conditioning system and fire safety, specified by the Télécity holding company.


Security (Have a look)
The access to the Aubervilliers Data center is only authorized to the company's technical staff, as well as to the customers taking advantage of collocation packages 24/7. The staff/The customers must be able to show an identification paper to have access to their machines. All access is videotaped as well as recorded and printed every month. The dedicated servers' room is only available to the CTN1 staff.

Air conditioning system/ Temperature control. (Have a look)
The air conditioning is ensured by a multi-air conditioner system (N+4), which maintains a 22°C temperature with a 50% (+-5%) humidity degree. We monitor and record temperature on the servers. Despite the high temperatures this summer, our sites have complied with all standards.

Two EDF point - 800 KVA power supply - Dual Ring. (Have a look)
The weakest link in the hosting industry is more often than not the power network. The building disposes of two 800 KVA EDF inputs. The electricity comes through a 380V input/220 output UPS and is distributed to the external bays. We make several power cut simulations every year to allow for the starting up of the generating set on the whole site. The generating set has a 1.1 MVA power.

Anti-fire system (Have a look)
The computer center has a detector-based anti-fire system connected to a call center supervised by an emergency team able to answer an alarm in just a few minutes. All of the equipment is part of particularly isolated systems. We use oversized wiring and give a particular attention to the possible combustion points (no smoking in the building, not even in the offices area, no garbage can in the rooms, no loose wires, not more than 10 machines for a 16 A circuit-breaker. Human surveillance is also active 24/7. We use various extinguishing systems.

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