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When we decided to create CTN 1 in March 2003, many people thought that the hosting market had already reached a peak and that it was impossible for a new actor to find its place in Europe. However, we think that it is possible nowadays to move to robust, innovative alternatives for rental-designed servers, giving at the same time a particular attention to our customers' needs.
It is after trying to find in vain this kind of alternative at a reasonable price, that its three founders have decided to create CTN 1.

Frédéric Martin


We have focussed our activity on 4 main points :

Competitive prices : Our aim is to propose in short order a hosting offer for computers and IP solutions (message board servers, data bases s.o.) at the fairest market price. This, we are the only company to propose the 10 Mb/s warranty server concept for only 149 €. Our numerous bandwidth purchases from well-known operators, as well as many peering agreements on the IPv4 and IPv6 networks, enable us to propose this service to our customers, at the best price ever.

Up to 1-hour delivery of your server : Due to our "Ready-to-use" technology, your payment checking done by our Financial Department sets off the immediat availability of your IP address. A reminder of the exact features of your subscription will be sent to you by e-mail at the same time.

Up-market infrastructure : Thanks to a reputable, stable and high-performing infrastructure, we have settled the necessary foundation for a good start and a significant growth of the company, maintaining at the same time a highly competitive pricing. CTN 1 ensures, for all of its equipment, the technical support for the versions 4 and 6 of the TCP/IP protocol. Thus, we propose FREE USE of an IPv6 address on all of the servers. Furthermore, our agreements with the Exchange point Fnix6, allow us to make use of a 1 Gb/s optical fiber connection which is aimed at the IPv6 traffic. Having its own 29402 AS Number, CTN1 has been able to implement a BGP multi-operator platform. Our means of communications are guaranteed by two 1 Gb/s optical fiber from our IP routers towards our operators.

The Data Center is situated in France, in the Paris area, at the quarry operator hotel (Telecity), located at Aubervilliers. Thanks to its structure and its equipment, it allows the company to propose professional, high-quality hosting services. All setting-up is made in N+1. Last but not least, we have at our disposal 2 operation centers (NOC), one of which is situated in the Aubervilliers area 24x7. Due to this, we can guarantee an intervention time not exceeding 1 hour.

The customer has to be free : Our customer policy is oriented towards transparency as well as the lack of any liability contract for the entire period concerning our offers. Our support staff is available 24/7/365 by email, forums or by phone.
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