More Beneficial Borrow wisely and cheaper

It’s no secret that new quick loans and other new loans are often the most advantageous. Businesses are ready to offer a variety of discounts just to increase the number of customers and become more visible. For borrowers, this means being able to get a better credit. Borrow responsibly. Examine your refund options.

How do I understand if new quick loans are more profitable?


Pay attention to current promotions. If you are offered to borrow at no commission or no interest, this is a good sign. What remains to be seen is the term of the promotion and the maximum amount of loan available. It doesn’t make sense to borrow 200 eur with 0% if you need a loan of 1000 eur or 5000 eur.

If you need more choice, look at the Credit home page or use the navigation at the top of the page to compare your new loans with everyone else. In the Fast Credit section, you can see that several short-term loan companies are now offering the option of borrowing free of charge and with interest for up to thirty days.

How to borrow?


Choose an offer and fill out the application form with the amount and deadline you want. Under Latvian law, loans over € 423 are required to be subject to customer due diligence. In addition, credit history is also evaluated. In case of doubt, the lender may require a bank statement for the most recent reporting period. The decision to grant the credit is (within business hours) taken by the companies within minutes. If the decision is positive, you can often receive cash within one bank within just 10 to 15 minutes.

Responsible borrowing


Before you take a loan, carefully evaluate your financial capabilities. Familiarize yourself with the terms of the contract, especially the loan payout positions and possible penalties for default. Everything happens in life, and even the best of intentions sometimes fail. Debt is not a brother and money recovery companies tend to engage debt collection companies and can also go to court.

Involves additional costs


As the debt recovery procedure involves additional costs, it is in the interest of the non-payer to ensure that the case does not go that far. Old or new quick loans – these are all real financial commitments that are not time-barred, so in case of problems it is important to always talk to the lender and agree on a mutually acceptable solution. If the financial problems are temporary, a large number of lenders allow you to take the opportunity and extend the credit. Borrow responsibly.

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