Fund Under Test – Financial Test recommends these funds

Fund Under Test – Financial Test recommends these funds News always well informed


Only every sixth German peps up his capital investment with shares or equity funds. At the same time, the stock market is a good opportunity to secure high returns even as a layman. Stiftung Warentest has tested about 6,000 funds and found the best equity funds in terms of opportunities and risks.

Financial test: High returns are possible with stock funds for laymen

Regularly, Financial Test conducts a fund test and finds recommended investment options. Nonetheless, lay people in particular do not usually dare to invest in equity funds – too complicated, too risky. In 2014 Stiftung Warentest recommended newcomers to the stock market to invest in index funds on the global stock market index MSCI World. Because they have the advantage that they spread the money invested and thus the risk of high losses. For example, anyone who invests in the iShares MSCI World fund distributes their money to around 1,600 companies. Among them are companies like Apple, Google and Allianz.

Tip: Which funds offer which returns are shown by the investment comparison calculator.

Index funds, so-called ETFs, according to the financial test, contribute a few percent more than the savings account or the fixed-term deposit . ETFs track the performance of equity indices such as the MSCI World as closely as possible. This reflects the stock performance of 23 industrialized countries such as Germany and the USA. In contrast to individual stocks, funds have other advantages: The expense is relatively low for investors and the fees are limited . According to Stiftung Warentest, these amount to 5,000 euros for a house bank of 50 euros, for direct banks up to 20 euros.

Financial test: “Entry into stock market has never been so easy”

According to financial test expert Roland Aulitzky, index funds also offer laypersons the opportunity to “invest their savings with higher returns without having to take a high risk.” A broadly diversified equity fund will not lead to a crisis that crashes the entire fund. The stock investment should not replace “other conservative investment forms or precautionary measures”. “But entering the global equity market has never been so easy and relatively safe,” said Aulitzky.

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Fund review: note the risks of equity funds

The consumer organization points out that investors Risks of equity funds should not be underestimated. They are not a safe investment, but are “an ideal supplement “, according to Stiftung Warentest. Only those who want to invest their money in funds for a long period of time and thus can enjoy price fluctuations should opt for equity funds.

Experts therefore advise people who are about to start their retirement from risky funds. Their portfolio should consist predominantly of pension funds. By contrast, young people around the age of 30 still have enough time to retire. They survive weaker phases and, at best, can benefit from prime yields of over ten percent . A larger part of their capital can therefore flow into equity funds, a smaller one for security in bond funds.

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This is how the financial test for the fund test goes

Several thousands of funds are taken into account in the funds test fund or Stiftung Warentest. Based on different exclusion criteria, the testers reduced the selection to approximately 6,000 funds eligible for investors. This excludes investment funds that are less than five years old. Even the funds, whose total volume is less than 50 million euros, sorts out financial test.

The remaining funds are valued on the basis of their risk / reward ratio . For this, the testers considered the monthly returns from the past. Depending on whether profits or losses were made in the months, the corresponding ratio results. The better it is, the more points the testers of Stiftung Warentest distribute. The best funds can reach a maximum of five points in the test.